Getting started in Python 3 programming

Which programming language should I start with? Which one suits my needs best? Which one won’t be too difficult to master?

If you are a programming novice and are interested in getting started, I strongly recommend Python 3.

Should I learn Python?

Python is a great first language, as if it were your second, third or nth language.
Its learning curve is less rough than others, it has thousands of libraries that allow in a few lines of code to do what we propose. It allows you to evolve quickly, besides to deepen in more complex tasks, as you are acquiring fluency.

Obviously recommending a programming language is complicated. It depends on many factors as the use that you are going to give him. Nor is it the same to recommend a language to someone who is starting to program as another programmer with extensive experience in various programming languages.

In this post I will show you some resources that will help you get into this wonderful world of programming.

Practical resources

Blogs and Podcasts


Introduction Course— 6 hours of Python
Python Automation Videos!

Some interesting books

Here’s a pretty good list of some interesting Python books. Among them “Learn Python 3 the Hard Way” which is one of my favorites.

I would also like you to know the following book since it is not on the list and I recommend you to read it 100%:

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python: Practical Programming for Total Beginners →

What Python IDE’s should I choose?

I recommend that you use PyCharm Community. But this is just my humble opinion and finally my recommendation is that you try a little bit of each of the many that are on the market.

Maybe the following video can help you in your decision!

What’s next?

You will reach a situation where you know the basic functions of Python and need to put them into action.

I recommend you to immerse yourself in Open Source projects where you can contribute and learn from the code and development of more experienced ones.

Some ideas..

Finally, I’m going to show you a kind of routine you can follow to commit to your programmer training.

This is the project “Learn Programming in 100 days”.
Take a look and I assure you that it will not be time wasted.




Cybersecurity student | Bug bounty searcher

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Cybersecurity student | Bug bounty searcher

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